Saturday, May 16, 2015

I was born to help people

One of my dreams is to help. I started dreaming on it when I was young, I always admire those people who give time and support to those marginalizes people in the society. When I was a kid I have seen a lot of children in the street begging money for their food to eat, some are selling cigarettes and flowers.  I owe theme so much.

One day, someone approached me to ask some coin to buy food, I really want to give but sad to say I don’t have any coin on my pocket even a centavo. I went to the carenderia to ask food for the kid and the lady hand me rice and soup, I run to the kid and give the food to him, as I see him running I followed over him and watch him. I saw that he had a younger sister sleeping in the corner of the grocery with a cup beside her with a single centavo inside the cup. He called his sister and wakes her up to share the food that I give. My heart begins to melt and a shade of tears in my eyes. And from that moment I told myself that if I will become rich I will share my blessing to them.

It was 3rd week of June 2010 when one of my friends went to my house to see me and invited me to be a part of their organization. Without a doubt I join to their organization and receive an orientation. At first it was so difficult for me to overcome the challenges. The main objective of their organization is to help marginalize people. They do an outreach program, food feeding, medical mission and more.         

So I become a full-time volunteer to that org. every time that we have an outreach program we do fundraising. We sell key chains and bracelets to earn money for our activity. It’s so hard for us to approached different attitude of people we persevere our self to overcome them. But even if we are so tired selling those items just to raise funds for our outreach program we really push hard our self just to sustain our activity. When we have food feeding we ask foods in the market. It’s hard for us when we do food rising because some vendor refuses us to give share in their goods. But we really try so hard to win their heart to give some of their goods. Aside from the fundraising and food feeding we have also the medical mission.  It is a part of our training to be determined to reach our goal which is to help people.

I've been in the organization for almost 7 years. I helped a lot of kids even in a simple way of giving. For now I  enjoy my self giving a hands to those people who are in need by doing out-reach program with the help of people with a golden heart and also with the organization that I have been working now.



For that simple dream it comes into reality and even though I am not that rich like other people, I can say that I have share my time and support them in a simple way.

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