Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mangrove Planting

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), with the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), other bureaus and attached agencies, join the celebration of June as Philippine Environment Month with a series of multi-stakeholder activities focusing on climate change adaptation. This is in support of the World Environment Day (WED) theme, “Raise your voice, not the sea Level,” which aims to draw attention to the urgent Need to protect small islands like the Philippines from the disastrous effects of climate change.  As we celebrate the Environment Month Celebration the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) and REACT PHILIPPINES held a Mangrove Planting at Taytay El Salvador Misamis Oriental last June 2014. The said Mangrove Planting was participated by the Youth coming from the different Youth Organization from Misamis Oriental and also different Government Agencies such like EASTERN YOUTH FOR MODERN DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION, NATIONAL YOUTH COMMISSION, BOMBO RADYO LISTENERS CLUB, MINDANAO YOUTH VOLUNTEER ADVOCATE, AFP, DENR, ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT BUREAU, DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, PNP, PHILIPPINE COAST GUARD, BFP, LANDBANK OF THE PHILIPPINES

Saturday, May 16, 2015

I was born to help people

One of my dreams is to help. I started dreaming on it when I was young, I always admire those people who give time and support to those marginalizes people in the society. When I was a kid I have seen a lot of children in the street begging money for their food to eat, some are selling cigarettes and flowers.  I owe theme so much.

One day, someone approached me to ask some coin to buy food, I really want to give but sad to say I don’t have any coin on my pocket even a centavo. I went to the carenderia to ask food for the kid and the lady hand me rice and soup, I run to the kid and give the food to him, as I see him running I followed over him and watch him. I saw that he had a younger sister sleeping in the corner of the grocery with a cup beside her with a single centavo inside the cup. He called his sister and wakes her up to share the food that I give. My heart begins to melt and a shade of tears in my eyes. And from that moment I told myself that if I will become rich I will share my blessing to them.

It was 3rd week of June 2010 when one of my friends went to my house to see me and invited me to be a part of their organization. Without a doubt I join to their organization and receive an orientation. At first it was so difficult for me to overcome the challenges. The main objective of their organization is to help marginalize people. They do an outreach program, food feeding, medical mission and more.         

So I become a full-time volunteer to that org. every time that we have an outreach program we do fundraising. We sell key chains and bracelets to earn money for our activity. It’s so hard for us to approached different attitude of people we persevere our self to overcome them. But even if we are so tired selling those items just to raise funds for our outreach program we really push hard our self just to sustain our activity. When we have food feeding we ask foods in the market. It’s hard for us when we do food rising because some vendor refuses us to give share in their goods. But we really try so hard to win their heart to give some of their goods. Aside from the fundraising and food feeding we have also the medical mission.  It is a part of our training to be determined to reach our goal which is to help people.

I've been in the organization for almost 7 years. I helped a lot of kids even in a simple way of giving. For now I  enjoy my self giving a hands to those people who are in need by doing out-reach program with the help of people with a golden heart and also with the organization that I have been working now.



For that simple dream it comes into reality and even though I am not that rich like other people, I can say that I have share my time and support them in a simple way.

Keeping the Purity of the Youth

Purity is the absence of impurity or contaminants in a substance. The term also applies to the absence of vice in human character. It also a freedom from immorality, especially of a sexual nature.

Last January 12, 2013 at Bonifacio shrine, Manila City, the Youth Federation for World Peace – Philippines (YFWP_P) in partnership with the World Collegiate Association for the Research of Principle (WCARP) gather the youth from the different sides of the world to promote the “PURE LOVE CAMPAIGN”. With the theme: “FAMILY IS THE SCHOOL OF LOVE.”
The said event was participated by the youth coming from Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, Korea, Canada, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, and also the students from the different colleges and Universities all over the Philippines. The youth across the nation actively participated in all activity that has been organized.

This gathering is about strengthening the youth, rebuilding nations and promoting peace. Recommendations about love and relationships will be provided to the delegates. The main objective of this event is to teach the young people to keep their purity until they got marriage. For there are some of the young people nowadays got pregnant at the very young age. The campaign thought the young people the importance of being pure. Because purity of mind and body is the best gift to God and to our future husband and wife. The Pure Love Campaign also promotes the awareness of the HIV-AIDS. Participants will also be given a chance to provide their insights on how to face the different challenges of the youth today.

The program starts with a talk from the different guest speakers. Followed with the rally all around the city of manila.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Provincial Youth Leadership Summit

The province of Misamis Oriental held the first Youth Leadership summit last May 29 – 31, 2014. It’s a 3 days youth summit which participated by youth leaders coming from the different Municipalities of Misamis Oriental. The summit was titled Provincial Youth Leadership Summit with the theme: “Kabatan-onan palig-onon ang bayanihan alang sa kalinaw ug kalambuan.” (YOUTH: STRENGTHEN THE ALLIANCE FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT)
The PYLS is a prelude to a brighter future and bigger opportunities for the youth of Mindanao.

The Provincial Youth Leaders Summit (PYLS) is a youth-led initiative in great cooperation with the National Youth Commission, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Bombo Radyo Philippines and the Alliance of Youth Leaders In Mindanao.

PYLS aims to unite youth leaders in the province amidst diversity and equip them with leadership skills in order to discover their full potentials as young leaders in the community. In doing so, the youth can come up with one solid voice for the betterment of the youth sector in the provinces.

The main objective of the Summit is to help the youth to know what the main problem of the society and how to apprehend, like drugs, early pregnancy for the young women, pre-marital sex, HIV etc.

There are lots of agencies who give talks for the summit like the PDEA, Department of health, and Philippine Armies, and also the National Youth Commission.

The 3 days summit leads the youth for the better and brighter future, and it really helps the youth to be more active and a useful in the society.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Community Immersion and outreach organized by ISA (Initiative for Social Action)

These two kids beside me are Ita's from Capas Tarclac. They are my poster Brother and Sister when we undergo the immersion in Sitio Yanka Capaz Tarlac last December 2012 organized by Initiative for Social Action. (ISA)

It was a long journey from manila all the way to Capaz Tarlac. All volunteers from the different Organization was gathered and and waited each other at Mc Donald CAPAZ TARLAC.

The volunteers are from the different colleges, school organizations and young professionals. It was around 10:00 Am when all volunteers were gathered and we started to travel going to the site. Almost half hour travel from the first station which the group was gathers up to the base camp.

(This is not the main site were the immersion held)

When we arrive at the base camp
 We put our things and we gather all inside the small class room for a short orientation and briefing and we met

 Sis. Paula (a nun assigns to be a teacher in that area). 

And The Initiative for Social Action (ISA) hand a donation to Sis. Paula for their project which is the irrigation for the water system project.

(Sir Jaypee Ortiz head of the Initiative for Social Action- ISA)

Then after the short program we prepared ourselves for a long travel going to the main site. We gather all the goods that we brought up from manila. The goods will be distributed to the community.

We took a ride in a car going to the foot of the mountain and it took 15 mins. Travel from the base camp where the group held the orientation.


As we arrive in the foot of the mountain we saw a group of men coming to us and they are all Ita's they waited for us just to help us to carry out the belongings. 

It was around 1:00 PM as we started to walk up to the mountain and it’s really hard for us to climb going up for we have a lot of things to carry and it’s too heavy. We follow the trails ups and down, Curve and straight under the heat of the sun. With an empty bottles for water.

We are almost to the peak of the mountain, and we stopover here to fetch some water to drink. For all of us are thirsty.

As we arrive to the main site, a bunch of children rendered token and they sang a welcome song for their visitor. They dance around the burning fire and with a warm smile in their faces.

It was a terrific journey. And I thought I could not make it to the top but when I surpass all those difficult trails up to the peak of the mountain and see the children singing and cheering for us, it feels me like I won a million in a lottery.

After a short break we took our lunch, (actually it’s a snack already for it’s already 4:00pm when we arrive at the peak) then the organizer gathered us to meet our poster parents.

She is my poster mother her name is Nana. 
 Actually she don’t know how old she because she doesn't go  to school.

And he is my poster father, his name is Anggo 

Same like nanay Nana he doesn’t know his age.

As I asked them, what is the problem of their community; they said to me "we want to have a supply of water going up to the village for it’s so hard for us to fetch water down the village". As we seen the source of the water it take a miles before you reach to it. And the second is "EDUCATION" they want their children to send to schools for they don't want their children to be like them, that every time they go down to sale goods to the market they always been cheated by the merchants.

This is Nathan (5years old) and Jumar (4 years old)

There dream is to become a teacher, because they want to educate there community. They told me that if we have a school here in the village we will study hard and reach our dream to become a teacher.

Education is one of the big problems in their community, they want their children to have knowledge, they really want their children to be in school.

 In the evening after our dinner with our poster families we gathered again for a short program. The Ita community entertained us with their traditional dance.

We woke up early in the morning to help our poster family to do the chores. We went down the village to fetch water. And some are in the farm. Around 8:00 o'clock in the morning when we arrive in our house from fetching water. And the food is already prepared by my poster mother. After our breakfast. The organizer called us to gather to give the goods that we prepared for the community.

Before the gift giving activity we organized a game for the kids. And there is a short talk from the organizer.

It’s a wonderful experience for us.  After the program we prepare ourselves for a long walk back to the base camp. Thanks INITIATIVE FOR SOCIAL ACTION (ISA) for the wonderful and successful activity.

Credit to Mr. JAYPEE ORTIZ


Picture Source : BJ EDADES